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You will be able to find all our Jaguar XJ-series (X350, X351) air compressors on this page.

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  • Jaguar XJ Serie X351 MK4 Luchtvering Compressor AMK C2D5825

    Excl. Tax: €419.00 Incl. Tax: €506.99
    JAGUAR XJ luchtvering compressor ten behoeve van de adaptieve luchtvering | Air Suspension van de JAGUAR XJ X351 MK4 modellen (Productiedata 2009-).
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  • Jaguar XJ X350 Series Air Suspension Compressor WABCO C2C27702

    Excl. Tax: €509.15 Incl. Tax: €616.07

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    Jaguar XJ air suspension compressor tor the air suspension of the Jaguar XJ MK3 models (Productiondata 2003- 2009).
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