What is the warranty on Airsus products?
Airsus provides a 2-year warranty on new air suspension parts and a 1-year warranty on air springs and remanufactured parts. Some manufacturers provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty. If that’s the case, you can find the information in the product description.

I have a warranty request. What should I do?
Contact us by phone and/or by mail. If you have pictures, please email them and wait for instructions.

What does Core charge / Deposit mean?
Some of our products are remanufactured, therefore a certain core deposit is charged in order to maintain supply of the core parts. After we receive your core, you will get a refund.
Usable cores must be free from damage such as crushing or bending. Only OEM (original) parts will be taken back for a refund.  

I’d like to return a product, or a core part for the deposit fee. What should I do?
If you’d like to return a product, or a core part for the deposit fee, please fill in our return form. Please return the product(s) in the original packaging. Make sure the box is in good condition and sturdy enough to survive the trip. We can’t be held responsible if your item is damaged in transit.
Please send your return shipment to the following address:

Pluggematen 1
8331 TV Steenwijk
The Netherlands 

Complete the return form included within your parcel. We are unable to process a return without the return form. Refund payments will only be made using the same payment method you used to make the initial purchase. 


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